Monday, July 6, 2009

Greetings from "The Natural State"

Atleast thats what it says on the licencse plates here abouts. I thought I would take time to make a quick post today. DKB and I got here late Friday and have spent a very pleasant couple of days visiting with her parents and brother. We had thought about heading back today, but my sister called me this morning and said it is raining back in Mississippi and that we should wait until tomorrow. I thanked her for the information and went back to bed, failing to mention that if she had checked her email she would know that we had already decided to do that. Thanks for looking out for me though, Sis. The weather report for tomorrow is predicting only a 10 to 20 % chance of rain along the route we'll be traveling. This is very important since we are on my motorcycle.

If you've never rode through Arkansas, its very beautiful country. Part of the only mountain chain in the U.S. that runs East-West is here. It made for a very pleasant bike ride. Very curvy, but for the most part, well maintained mountain roads, and if you didn't know - which I didn't until we got her - Arkansas is a helmet optional state for bike riders. I had never ridden without a helmet before (and it is not a practice I endorse) but everyone should get the opportunity to do it a least once. You really do get a rush of freedom.

A couple of times when we were all sitting around the table talking, DKB's bro and I would go off talking about scince fiction, books, authors, TV shows and movies. After a few minutes I would look around and everyone else would just be looking at us with a glazed look. I would apologize for M. and I "geeking out". And get back with everyone else's conversation. It was fun though. I probably won't have time to blog again until next week. Once I get back to work on Wednesday, I'll be playing "catch-up" for a while.

Everyone have a great week!!

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  1. glad you're having such a great time, love ya, debra