Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's a (Sharon) Special Day! ! !

Wearing my Weird shirt and an evil "I'll Rule the World" grin
July 31st!  Sharknado: The 4th Awakens makes it's premiere tonight as the culmination of a Sharknado marathon (1-3 precede the 8:00 PM premiere).  This movie is definitely a "Sharon Special" (see my July 2 entry for an explanation of the term).  As a matter of fact, I was in the local Wally World last week and saw the shirt that I'm modeling and thought that it would be perfect for the premiere and a way for me to pay a little homage to Sharon at the same time.  Plus, with it marked down to a dollar - what's not to like.  DKW even remarked to one of her friends that was visiting, "How many people do you know that dress up for Sharknado movies?"  I know I'm a little strange, but I'm gonna throw that same question out for everyone -  Are you, or anyone you know, dressing up for a movie?
Last week's get-together went pretty well for DKW and her friends.  The pig roast turned out well and everyone seemed to have a nice time visiting together.  I did end up processing and freezing a good bit of pork for future use - but that's okay.  Its cooked, in the freezer, won't go to waste, and will be enjoyed by moi for the rest of the year probably.  Back down to me, DKW, and our 3 (4 legged) gurls!  But that's okay too.  Nice to have company, but also nice to just be us too!
Hard to believe that Starkville High (defending 6A state champions) starts it's football season in less than 3 weeks (August 19th).  Looking forward to it!
Everyone have a great day!

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