Friday, March 14, 2014

Elvis's Throne

Okay. I was perusing yesterday's local newspaper, and the little blurb at the top of the page said "Historic Local Business could be closing", see article page B-5.  So, being curious, I turned to the appropriate page and read about a plumbing company that was facing closure if they didn't get additional new contracts to keep going.  They have been in business for 70-plus years.  Alright, you may be saying, What makes them historic?  I too wondered until I read (and I quote) "If it happens (closure) it's a tough break for the historic business, which built the first soft vinyl toilet seat in the world in 1975, manufactured the toilet seats NASA used in its space shuttles and made the toilet seat Elvis Presley died on." 
  I cracked up.  I snorted and laughed out loud.  Not at Elvis dying on the throne, but, tactless as it may have been - they missed a great advertising opportunity.   (Let your imagination run wild.)

Everyone have a great day!

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