Monday, March 28, 2011

Moving Mama & Home-Fried Chicken!

Well, this past weekend I took off work on Friday (3/25) so that I could move my Mama from the assisted living home she was residing back to her doublewide - where she will be residing with my sister and her husband. (At least for a while). I had rented a uHaul truck and hired a senior vet student to help me and about 5 hours later we had all of Mama's stuff moved. My sister & Mama spent most of the weekend getting stuff arranged. So now she is pretty much moved in to her half of the place. I paid for moving day with an achy, sore knee most of the weekend. It wouldn't have been so bad (I think) if it hadn't been cool and rainy Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I got to keep the J-man for about 4 hours. My oldest son & wife brought 2-year old Jonas over to stay for a while. We had a good time even though most of the last hour there he spent sleeping in my lap. (He had fallen asleep while watching the Sprout (PBS-related) Network. He will be a heartbreaker when he's older! Believe You ME!

Friday night I had learned some *SHOCKING* news. Well - shocking to a southern boy! My sweetie had never had *home-fried chicken*. Now, she had had KFC and other restaurant-style fried chicken, but like I said - never had home-fried! So, as a southern boy who had home-fried chicken several times a month while growing up and at every family *event* (i.e. wedding, family reunion, death, any party) I took it upon myself to rectify this situation. So I home-fried chicken for Sunday lunch (and took a couple of pieces to Mama - since it was her recipe & she loves fried chicken) and DKW gave it two thumbs up. I had even fried her up a side of home-made onion rings - which she loved. She stated the obvious - that it was very different from KFC - but also added "it's much better"! (I had to sit down before my swelling head caused me to fall over.) But I was pleased. I had one piece myself and it was good. If you don't know - I don't eat fried food more than once or twice a year. It's just healthier that way.

Everyone Have a Great Day!


  1. aaawwww, you so sweet ta me!
    loves, hugs, grins, debra

  2. Wow... my mouth is watering! I haven't had home fried chicken since I was a little kid! I mean, I've had it since then but never like Ma used to cook. I always loved it but she didn't make it very often because, I see in retrospect, it was too messy and left too much mess to clean up.
    Even still, it was a "Yankee" fried chicken recipe I'm sure. I've never had Southern fried chicken!