Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Being A Husband

This past Sunday, Debra and her friend were at our house baking cookies all afternoon. A LOT of cookies! Like 72 Dozen cookies! The house smelled great all day. Except for the time that I was cooking burgers on our electric grill and the smoke set off our fire alarm. (OOOPS!) But Debra and Friend were having a good time chatting and baking while I vegged out watching football. At one point (while they were busy) Debra asked if I would make a pot of hot tea for them. I said "Sure, what kind do you want?" To be honest, I never gave it a second thought, I just hopped up, made the tea, and sat down to my football game again. But evidently that impressed her friend, because she said something along the lines of "Wow - he didn't even complain - just aked what kind you want" to Debra. But I guess I've always been that way - I like doing things for my wife. I did a lot of things for my first wife, when she was alive, that I wouldn't think of doing for anyone else because I loved her. And its the same now, I do things for Debra that I wouldn't do for others, because I love her. I always said that part of a good marriage is the willingness to compromise and the willingness to do things for each other without complaint. And honestly, it makes me feel good when one of my wife's friends say - "Wow, you got a keeper!" I hope that I can continue to do that the rest of my life.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and tomorrow afternoon I will start cooking my bird and the trimmings. And no, I'm not asking Debra to help. I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family most of the past 20+ years and I'm not going to stop now. She can help with some of the tasks if she wants, but this is pretty much my show and as it gets closer I actually itching to get started.

Everyone have a great day! And and great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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  1. thanks baby, for being you.

    and i will make some sugar~free cookies, from scratch! not sure when, cuz tomorrow, i'm gonna try to do some bread before you get home and need the kitchen for the bird {everybody knows it's the word!} and all that other good stuff. love ya, debra