Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Looking into the past, Anticipating the Future

Natchez's Tri-centennial this year
Its a little after 4:00 AM as I write this.  DKW and I are in the final day of our (7th) anniversary get-away.  Its been a nice little mini-vacation (as usual).  We came to Natchez and stayed with Neil (the owner) at the Bluff Top Bed and Breakfast on our honeymoon in 2009.  We enjoyed it so much, that we decided to make it an annual pilgrimage and have come back every year on our anniversary. 
As I said, I woke up early.  My leg/knee was hurting, and I was hungry.  So I got up and got the left over piece of the yummy po-boy(from Bilbo's Fish Market)  that I had for supper, along with a soda, and ate as I watched the Mississippi River (with one lone 18 barge tow chugging up-stream) flow by.  Such a peaceful time.  I couldn't help but to journey back in my mind to those days in the late 70's when I was stationed in Memphis aboard the CGC Kanawha (now home ported in Pine Bluff, AR),  The wee hours were I think my favorite time.  Most of the crew were asleep and, like this morning, it was quiet.  Just the river flowing by, slight mist rising off the water, and the occasional nature sounds. A very soothing atmosphere, just right for reflection.
I look forward to DKW and I continuing this anniversary tradition for many more years. But before I wrap this up, let me touch on Bilbo's again.  A great little place to get food.  Now it is carry-out only, cash or card, but if you're every in Natchez, you won't regret eating there.  You can check it out in the link I provided above.
Every one have a great day!

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