Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On My Time Being My Time

Okay, all things considered, I'm a pretty fortunate guy.  The point I've arrived at in my life, has taken a lot of planning - & a lot of luck. (Not all of it the best.)
I am currently 61 years old and I have worked since I was 10.  At the age of 10, I spent most Saturdays (& everyday during the summer) working for my Dad, who was a roofer/carpenter.  I started by just toting asphalt shingles to the roof for him and his crew to put on.  Asphalt shingles weigh 90 pounds per bundle.  I started carrying half a bundle at a time and by the time I joined the Coast Guard (at age 17) I could carry 2 bundles comfortably and 3, if pressed.  But I digress.....
I retired from the U. S. Coast Guard after 21 years, and last year I retired from Mississippi State University.  I sought, and eventually found a part-time job working two days a week.  Well, as I've been working less, and I've come to see that our expenses are manageable (our home & cars are paid for), I've come to covet my time more than having a job.  So, effective July 1st, I will be leaving my P-T job, and I'm looking forward to it.  More "me" time means I can do jobs around the home at my leisure, and stop before I get too tired and/or injure myself.  More time for little "crafty" things that I do as a hobby, and (most importantly) more time to be with my sweetie.
Now, I mentioned some of the luck was not so great.  In 2010, just about 9 months into my marriage, I was going home on my motorcycle when an elderly gentleman turned in front of me without warning.  I had less than 10 feet to react (the skid was 7 feet long) and could not avoid him.  Thankfully, I survived and the settlement I received is the big reason my home (with a new roof) and cars are paid for.  I DO NOT recommend this way of earning money.  I was months recovering, and have no memory of the accident or 2 months following.  Probably for the best, because I'm told I was in a lot of pain.  But again, I digress......
The last paragraph just brings home vividly that life is short.  That being the case, and because I can, I plan on living it as fully as I can.  Why Work?
Everyone have a great day

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