Friday, December 20, 2013

Before I break............

........for the holidays.  Thought I'd share a couple of thoughts.
Last night my two (grown) sons and I had a little "guy time" together and went to see Mississippi State's basketball team play the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University (don't laugh - they made it to the "Sweet Sixteen" last year).  The Bulldogs ended up winning by 13 (66-53), and except for one "monster jam", neither team was really impressive.  That said, however, State is 8-2 going into the holiday break (next game is Jan. 2nd) and this from a team that only won 10 games total last year.  But the purpose of our attendance was to enjoy our time together before everyone headed back to their respective homes, and that was accomplished.  I enjoyed sitting between my two boys and yelling for the dogs.  Took me back twenty years or so.
Don't know about other states, but Mississippi gets federal money to put more patrolmen on the roadways to ensure safe driving.  But wherever you are, be careful, drive safe and keep a lookout for others that aren't.  Happy holidays to all!
One last thing - MSU is playing Rice in the Liberty Bowl.  (3 PM (cst) on ESPN, Dec. 31st).  More on this next time.  TTFN!

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