Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doctor Who & College Football begins................

But before I get to that.  SHS has played two (non-divisional) games (against very good teams) and lost both by almost identical scores of 29-8 (to Noxubee County) and 24-8 (to Madison Central).   What I find interesting is that Starkville (in both) scored with a safety and touchdown with a missed extra point.  Oh well, I do anticipate a victory this week. Go Jackets!
Now, this is game week for MSU, and they are heavily favored against Jackson State.  So heavily favored that most services that publish point spreads aren't giving odds.  Of the few I found that do, State is favored by 35-plus points. Go Dawgs!
College football actually kicks off Thursday night and on ESPN (6 PM central) South Carolina visits Vandy. I'll probably watch a little of this before switching (@ 6:30) to the Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech game.  Texas A&M is a SEC newcomer this year and MSU plays them on November 3rd (we don't play USC or Vandy this year).  Before the smorgasboard of games to choose from on Saturday (beginning at 8 AM with Navy/NotreDame playing in Dublin, Ireland) there are a couple on Friday night.  I'll probably go with watching the N.C. State at Tennessee game (since we play UT on Oct.13th), flipping over to keep up with the Boise St./Michigan St. game and keeping a radio handy to keep up with SHS.  Now - normally I would be thinking about mowing this weekend, but will a heavy chance of rain Thursday, Friday & Saturday (thanks to Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf) - I don't think so.  And here - I have to also give a tip of the hat to my sweetie - DKW- for indulging my football addiction!  (THANKS BABY!!!)
On the non-football front - the new season of Doctor Who starts Saturday night with "Asylum of the Daleks".  I'm a little aggravated that this is an abbreviated 5 week start - with more episodes around the first of the year.  I'm really looking forward the the September 8th episode though.  I think the title is pretty descriptive - "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship".  I can only imagine what my oldest and her son (in Jackson) will have to say while watching this one.  So Cool!
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. if watching football ceaselessly is the worst habit you have, then i really Really REALLY lucked out!! really. i love ya, baby!! grins, debra