Monday, April 6, 2009

Pleasant Weekend

First, I hope everyone enjoyed my April Fool's entry. Friday past (April 3rd) was my birthday and DKB and I had our first "Couple" portrait made. As soon as I receive them I'll try and post one here. We went out to eat that evening at Shaherazad's and then had a pleasant evening at home. On Saturday, we took my motorcycle and rode over to Tuscaloosa (AL.) for the 1st Black Warrior River Story Telling Festival. It was a beautiful, sunny day and this proved to be the downfall of my DKB. We ended up cutting the festival a little short because she (being fair skinned and in spite of being in the shade) was beginning to burn. We rode over to the new Wintzell's Oyster House and had some oysters on the half-shell. Yum! DKB is the only woman I know that likes raw oysters on the half-shell. It was a very pleasant meal though. We stopped at her friend's church in Columbus (MS.) on the way back for a marriage seminar. It turned out to be a very entertaining evening in which DKB continued on her way to a deep shade of crimson. One funny point in the evening, the presenter was talking about communication and held up a stuffed lion and asked what this means. DKB replied "that he sleeps tonight (Wemoway! A wemoway)"? Several of us snorted laughter at this. DKB can have a very dry wit when she wants and I noticed her biting her tongue several times during the evening to keep from saying something. (Its a wonder she had any tongue left. LOL).

Sunday we went grocery shopping early and spent the rest of the day reading, washing laundry, and watching TV. We watched the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and hopefully will get the other two in this week. Johnny Depp is a hoot. If you haven't heard, Tim Burton is making an "Alice in Wonderland" movie and Johnny Depp has been cast as the Mad Hatter. I am anticipating it to be very well done.
P.S. Pic is of Harley & Pearl making out on the couch.

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  1. "yes, harley's a corn-dawg" snicker, love ya, debra